Sunday, 26 September 2010

camera rules

rule of thirds
this is a bad example of the rule of thirds as the chracter is pictured between the middle and final third which means if it were a film there would be no room for the camera to move along and would seem as though the character is pushing the camera along and makes the audience uncomfortable.
This is an good exapmle of the rule of thirds as the character as between the first and middle third as has good head room. If it were a film there is enough lead room to proceed the character and the audience is able to see the background before the actor so they feel comfortable with what they are about to see

Camera Technique

 shot length

by taking shots from different distances you can create different effects. in this photo you can only see the character  and there no insight into were he may be this is effective when the director is trying to conceal the wereabouts of the scene and can create suspense and tension.
 In this example the camera is slightly further back so you can see a little more of the background and can see that there is still nothing in the background and still no insight to were this scene is taking place. A director can sometimes use this effect to slowly reveal the backdrop and still offer focus to the main character in the shot.
In this shot you can see the full background which allows the audience to see exatcly what is happening. this shows everything which is occuring during the shot  and the audience can be shown a number of things.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

This poster was created using a programme called Photoshop. A variety of  tools came into use when producing this imaginative peice of art such as the lasso to (to highlight selective parts of foreground), the select tool, the magic wand(to inteligently important parts) , the free-transform image, the paintbrush, the text tool, the refine edges and the colour edit. The idea of the poster is to advertise a movie called Poker Face which rather self-explanatorily is an idea for a movie about gambling.As you can see by the expressions of the actors on the left it shows how this movie is old style gangster movie which involves high stakes; the poster depicts four characters playing poker and one player's hand and a set of poker chips. There is a mark of quality at the top as it says the producer's names. There is also a cast list at the bottom as well as pictures of the main actors.

The poster recieved generally positive reviews from my audience. The poster's professional look is what earned most the good feedback from peers and teachers. Many commented on the contrast in colours and the small details such as the poker chips with the actors names worked well and the 1st person view on the poker hand helps include the audience whilst they look to help them feel part of the picture.

If i had a chance to do this task again i would have re-shot the photo as two of my actors seem too conscious that this is fiction and are starring at the camera. I would also use fewer cards and use a higher hand to give the poster more realism.

Monday, 13 September 2010

enermy of the state evaluation

1. What is the point of this sequence? Describe briefly how tension is created through the editing.

the sequence shows a collection of clips to show action and create a mood of tension   through the medium of picture and dialogue. the music is played in the background to enhance the effect and help the viewer feel the tension.
2. Look at the use of CU or Medium CU. Why are they primarily used here? Refer to specific shots (screengrab them if you can [with Fn Print Screen then Control - V on a PC] and embed them within your post).
 the shot of will smith and the other actor talking on the rooftop is used to portray the anger or annoyance that will smith is feeling this used so that the director can to put the emotion unto the veiwer

3. Choose 15-20 seconds from anywhere in the sequence and describe each shot in detail, explaining its effect / function for the audience, as well as commenting on how the cuts (the editing) adds to the meaning.
2:09-2:24 shows a quickfire round of many images including many of including bold print with captions such as "eyes only"  and shot of a man breaking a lock which shows there is some sort of secret and engrosses the viewer into watching
4. How far does the editing of this sequence fit in with the genre of the thriller? Justify your opinion.
i think that if fits in because the editing shows all the different ingredients that a thriller requires including flash BOlD type and scenes with a lot of tension including the break in which is very satifatory in my opinion
This is a middle angle of a asian teenage male.

He is wearing a a full school uniform but is scruffy which could suggest that he is a messy character who is trying to fit in with the stereotypical mold of a high school pupil
He is sat in a classroom whihc shows that he is in alearning enviroment which shows he is trying to learn

The actor is giving direct address to the camera, which seems relaxed which give a feeling of confort

 The photo is in colour and the actor is wearing contrasting colours for goood effect.

The shot was achieved using a teenage asian male and a bright light behind to give him a friendly look to match his wide smile
*I also gave him glasses to give his character a warm friendly look